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Hi, I'm Patrick

I am a software developer and music composer based in Graz with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for all things creative. My tools and languages of choice are: C#, Python, C++ and Unity as well as FL Studio for my audio related work. I have a strong interest in game development and the development of multimedia applications in general. Feel free to get in touch with me via Email or via LinkedIn and I would be happy to grab a coffee sometime with you! Scroll down if you want to see samples of my work.

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Blob Migrations

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This demo was created using the ThreeJS framework. It is my twist on the Boids algorithm which attempts to simulate flocks of autonomous bird-like objects and how "group" behaviour can emerge from simple rules set on the individuals. The music was composed and mixed by myself and features custom synthesized sounds as well as elements from the Native Instruments Kontakt library. Click here for the demo and make sure to enable autoplay on your browser.

Little Rock

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This demo was created using the Unity game engine (Universal Rendering Pipeline) and C# and it features a procedurally generated scene. The terrain and tree meshes are created entirely in code and the rest of the elements are procedurally placed in the scene (3D meshes created in Blender). Custom shaders (shader-graph and some HLSL) were written for the water, grass (wind motion), flower colouring, terrain colouring (gradient ramp) as well as for achieving the low-poly lighting effect. Click here for the demo.